Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that is well known not only for its disastrous launch but also for its easter eggs. There are lots of different gags and nods both in the base game and Phantom Liberty DLC, so fans are unsurprisingly eager to crawl every pixel to find something.

In a conversation with IGN, associate game director Paweł Sasko said there are some easter eggs left that are yet to get known by the big public. That applies to both the base game and DLC. That means some of the inside jokes and homages have lasted for more than three years.

Last month, players discovered an easter egg with a photo from a corporate picnic. You can get it if you jump on the roof of Tom's Diner (the name is a reference to the famous song by Suzanne Vega), use the binoculars and look at the red bird. Then, the glitch effects will trigger, and the photo will appear.

Fun Fact: the last secret in Doom II was discovered only 24 years after the game's release. Hope, we won't wait that long to know all the secrets of the CD PROJEKT RED title.

Main image: aplhacoders