Panda Studio has made a full-size copy of the well-known two-handed Dark Moon sword from the popular game Elden Ring. This huge sword, measuring 59 inches (150 cm) in length and 13 inches (33.4 cm) in width, is made in a 1:1 scale, just like in the game. Fans of the game may be delighted with such a gift, but the price is quite steep. The cost of this exclusive item ranges from 450 to 650 US dollars in various stores. 

For this amount of money, you could buy a PlayStation 5 gaming console. Pre-orders are open, with a deposit of around $150. It's important to note that this is not an official sword from Elden Ring.

dark moon greatsword elden ringImage: Panda Studio  Despite the fact that Panda Studio itself doesn't have its own website, the sword can be purchased from various suppliers. This is because the studio only produces a few products per year, and it's easier to sell everything through partners. Prices vary from store to store, most likely due to markups or included shipping fees. On average, the sword will cost the buyer approximately $450, and shipping can cost up to $200.

The Dark Moon product card states that the sword is made of polyurethane and resin, which are good, durable materials. Buyers can choose one of two versions: a wall-mounted version or a floor-standing version with a stand. The sword comes with a special stand for displaying it.

Main image: Ensiplay