According to Reuters, Tencent acquired the license to create a mobile version of Elden Ring in 2022. In the same year, the Chinese media giant purchased 16% of FromSoftware's shares.

A team of several dozen people was assembled to work on adapting Elden Ring. The holding intends to turn Elden Ring into a free-to-play title with in-game purchases, similar to Genshin Impact. Specialists are working on a prototype, but the process is proceeding quite slowly.

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Tencent is in need of a new hit, as revenues from its gaming segment have stopped growing, and the division itself has faced a number of challenges. PUBG Mobile continues to generate significant profits, but newer titles have not met expectations.

We are baffled as our competitors continue to release new products, leaving us feeling as if we've achieved nothing.
CEO Pony Ma 

Previously, the company attempted to adapt the NieR series for mobile devices, but, according to media reports, the project was shut down in December 2023. The game had been in development for two years. The team failed to find a suitable monetization system to recoup production costs and license fees to Square Enix.

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Bandai Namco previously stated that it views Elden Ring as the beginning of a major franchise, but the company has not disclosed specific plans for its development, except for announcing a DLC for the main game by FromSoftware. The release date is yet unknown.

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