Data miners have uncovered a substantial amount of code from Battlestate Games' shooter within Morefun studio's project, and surprisingly, some of it even includes comments written in Russian. Despite using different engines, Arena Breakout: Infinite employs the same boss names, enemy behavior models, and movement patterns, along with lines of code featuring Russian comments.

Nikita Buyanov, the creator of Escape from Tarkov, has addressed the theft of the game's code by the developers of Arena Breakout: Infinite.

According to the mastermind behind the hit game, the past few weeks have been challenging, and there were attempts to sweep the matter under the rug. However, now that everything has come to light, it is up to the players to decide whether they want to support developers who shamelessly use someone else's code.

Nikita Buyanov's reaction is quite understandable and justified. He emphasizes that the decision to support developers who have no qualms about using someone else's code lies with the gaming community. This stance calls for accountability not only from game creators but also from the players themselves.

The situation raises important questions about respecting the work of other developers and maintaining transparency within the gaming industry. Perhaps this incident will spark a broader discussion about the need to protect intellectual property rights and establish clear guidelines regarding the use of others' code in game development.

Main image: Ensiplay