It's getting hot. Undoubtedly, the ability to control fire attracts viewers and gamers in various projects. Creatures covered in flames from our favorite world are no exception, so Fire type Pokémon have gained incredible popularity.

Unlike the rare Ice type, which we discussed in a separate article, fiery creatures are much more common. Their diversity is astonishing. Now, we will talk about the 30 best Fire Pokémon and help readers build a strong team.



Let's start with something that can cause a real heart attack — a burning centipede over 9 feet long! To crush such a creature, a player would need a giant slipper! However, the warrior is unlikely to be squashed, as the animal emits such intense heat that it creates heat storms.

In terms of stats, Centiskorch can be considered a mid-tier fighter. It has enough attack power for aggressive offense and sufficient HP for short-term resistance.



Many trainers will surely want this Pokémon in their collection. It's not just about the fluffy white fur but also the unique ability, Libero. Cinderace is one of the few capable of this trick. Depending on the move, type changes, which is extremely useful in battles against superior opponents.

Castform — Sunny

Castform — SunnyImage: 

Do not touch this cute flower in sunny weather, as it might leave you without a hand or completely incinerate you. Castform — Sunny is another "transformer" — a plant capable of changing type. However, there is a significant nuance to consider.

The flower changes not by its own will but is forced to adapt to the environment. This natural defense mechanism allows the creature to survive, as it has very little defense. In sunny weather, the plant takes on the Sunny form and becomes a Fire type.



Meeting such a large pig in the arena is highly undesirable. It's immediately clear that the fighter will turn any opponent into a cutlet, which is true. Emboar has high attack stats, and the ability Reckless enhances moves by 20%! However, the big guy has an unexpected drawback.

Despite its large size, the mega-pig has very weak defense. Add to this low speed, and you get a good attacker. But if the hero starts taking hits, the end will be near.



Undoubtedly, you are looking at one of the most beautiful Pokémon! The fast horse with a fiery mane is breathtaking when it appears on the screen. Like other horses, Rapidash's main weapon is speed. The ability to flee is not cowardice but a tactical move, as defense is minimal.

A cool ability is Flame Body. An opponent striking the horse will set themselves on fire and burn by 30%!

Heat Rotom

Heat RotomImage:

Another animated household appliance with a crazy design. We've already seen a refrigerator, a washing machine, and now it's time to talk about the oven. Baking a pizza in the device is unlikely, but it can be useful in battle.

Like the entire series of household appliances, Heat Rotom cannot boast good defense, but attack stats can be pleasing.



There are many fiery birds in the Pokémon world, as the creators were clearly inspired by the Phoenix. In the series, Moltres is the harbinger of spring. The character can turn a harsh winter landscape into blooming meadows.

In games, the bird relies on special attacks and has good movement speed. It also has the Flame Body ability, which sets enemies on fire.



An incredibly stylish and cool robot, Volcanion uses the power of heat. Volcanion cannot directly control fire. Instead, it attacks with steam so hot that it can set opponents on fire. Where there is steam, there is also liquid. Yes, the robot can also control the opposite element with the ability Water Absorb. This gives you a great advantage when fighting Water types.



The living embodiment of flame, Magmortar can turn any opponent into barbecue. As shown on screen, Magmortar radiates such heat that it’s difficult to stand near the hero. In games, it also serves as a powerful fighter and is immune to sleep thanks to the Vital Spirit ability. The character also possesses the Flame Body skill.



Every time the fire dog barks, a volcano erupts somewhere in the world. It sounds like a meme, but it’s true. Entei has an excellent balance of defense and attack, allowing it to play multiple roles on the battlefield. Besides fearsome bark that triggers volcanic eruptions, Entei has the Inner Focus ability, which protects against the negative effect of flinching.



A monkey with a burning head will surely surprise you. This creature boasts excellent speed and special attacks, making it a very strong opponent in the arena. It’s not hard to guess that the primate is effective in close combat. Thanks to the Iron Fist ability, Infernape deals monstrous damage.


SimisearImage: Poké 

Another monkey, but this time the flame is hidden inside the creature. This is not a figurative expression — the primate literally burns from within and can incinerate its opponent. The series shows us how this is possible. Simisear constantly eats berries that maintain internal heat. The Gluttony ability also allows it to increase HP.



The cutest, one of the main representatives of Fire Pokémon. Everyone knows Flareon, as the character is an evolution of the popular Eevee, especially among beginners. The pet is so beautiful, fluffy that you want to pick it up and pet it, but we do not recommend doing so. The warrior can heat up to 3,000 degrees!

In battle, the fighter often uses the Flash Flame skill to set opponents on fire and the ultimate Guts ability, which boosts all attacks by 50%!



A living pile of coal, Coalossal looks very intimidating but is actually a gentle giant. However, do not dig coal mines around the creature and provoke anger. The hero is well-protected and can deal significant damage with heat, steam. Overall, it is a good fighter, but due to size, it is extremely slow.

Mega Blaziken

Mega BlazikenImage:

We rarely talk specifically about mega evolution, but now is the time. Mega Blaziken can wreak havoc everywhere with special and striking attacks. Such power will be very useful for any team in battle, especially when fighting bosses.



A rather cute turtle that brings a smile every time it appears on screen. Its shell looks like a grill for a reason — it essentially is one. Coal burns inside to maintain the heat vital for the turtle. When the flame goes out, the creature dies along with the fire.

Of course, this element is also used in battle. Torkoal has decent defense and attack stats, but there are also drawbacks. You probably guessed that it's the speed.

Alolan Marowak

Alolan MarowakImage:

Another legendary Pokémon, as it appeared in the first generation. In those distant times, deceased creatures turned into ghosts, and Alolan Marowak is one of them. The Ghost/Fire type combination offers many advantages, including immunity to certain types of attacks and massive damage. If the trainer gives their fighter a large bone club, the attack level will increase even more.



Continuing the league of veterans with a lightning-fast bird. Yes, you definitely know the feathered creature! Very few can catch Talonflame in a fair chase. Speed is the main advantage. Moreover, the skill Tailwind helps the trainer speed up the entire team. This is a very cool bonus in any battle!



We’ve found the culprit of global warming! See that thing on tail? The warrior radiates such heat that it changes the climate around the world! In games, Reshiram is excellent at dealing damage. Masterful special attacks allow the creature to support any team and lead allies to victory. However, additional protection is needed; otherwise, the battle won't last long.



A familiar hybrid of a tiger and a lion to all fans couldn’t be left out of the list of the best. Once, the beast was present on almost all posters, stickers! Arcanine won’t deal massive damage and can’t withstand many attacks. Its usefulness lies in the incredibly helpful skill Snarl, which lowers all the stats of the enemy team. This is often the key to victory.

It also has the skill Justified, which increases attack when using dark moves.

Mega Camerupt

Mega CameruptImage:

Let's consider mega evolution again. In standard form, this Pokémon is good, but once it evolves, a living volcano appears on the battlefield! Inside Mega Camerupt, lava and ash truly erupt. This feature greatly enhances defense, making it perfect for the tank role.

Darmanitan — Zen Mode

Darmanitan — Zen ModeImage:

Calmness and the ability to incinerate someone don't usually mix well, but here's an example. Darmanitan switches to Zen Mode when HP drops below 50%. Increased concentration allows it to focus on the battle, and boosts defense. Paradoxically, the main feature here is not resistance to damage but special attacks. For example, using the psychic move Sheer Force increases secondary attacks by 30%.



An excellent fighter without any hidden talents or features. Typhlosion radiates unbearable heat, explodes everything around it, and has the Flash Fire ability. It’s also a representative of the "old guard" and well-known to all fans of the animated series.



Fire type with a very hot temper. It’s no surprise that among such creatures there would be a rebel who harms not only opponents but also its own trainer. This troublesome Pokémon is Incineroar. Even design suggests a bad temper. It's hard to manage, so few players have the patience. But the results can be rewarding.

For example, you can use the Intimidate ability, which lowers the attack level of all enemies by one.



Some might laugh at the chandelier design. We don't recommend anyone laugh, as this is one of the most terrifying creatures among the kind. Ruthless monsters disguised as old chandeliers inhabit abandoned mansions. They stalk their prey and then devour the soul of the unfortunate, turning it into heat.

Chandelure’s attack is hard to defend against, so you’re unlikely to be saved by anything. It has the Infiltrator ability to ignore the effects of Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard.



We need to move away from this horror and go to the edge of the rainbow, where a mythical bird resides. The beautiful creature brings happiness to anyone who can find it. Any trainer will certainly be happy, as Ho-Oh has some of the best stats among Fire-type Pokémon!

Amazing attack, speed, and even better defense. In a fair duel, the fiery bird is extremely hard to defeat, as it uses the Regenerator to restore part of HP at the end of each turn.



Almost a Terminator, but a turtle. A defense record-holder capable of ignoring any critical damage! Moreover, there is an explosive on the shell. Anyone who attacks this creature gets hurt! Is this the best fighter among all Fire types?! Unfortunately, no.

Turtonator is incredibly good in the tank role, but other characteristics leave much to be desired. Attack is weak, and speed is not even worth mentioning.



The thing will blow your mind! Literally, it explodes, so hold on to your hat, or better yet, don’t get close. Another living object (this time a firework), it explodes head when approaching an opponent. Fright is not enough here, as the damage is colossal.

Moreover, Blacephalon has the Beast Boost skill and can enhance best stat after each knockout. Creepy!



We know you’ve been waiting for this hero. Fans already knew who would be number one. One of the main symbols of the Pokémon universe and the most popular Fire type representative is the best. We are talking about one of Charizard's mega evolutions, Charizard-X.

The dragon excels in both special + regular attacks. The fighter's damage is always consistent, high, and it also has strong claws for devastating close-range attacks.



Of course, there’s also Charizard-Y. Don’t say you didn’t have a card or poster with this character's image. Unlike the X-version, the orange dragon is a master of special attacks. Its distinctive feature is the very rare ability Drought. A concentrated sunlight beam targets the opponent, literally roasting the enemy to a crisp!

So, the choice here is really vast. Thirty excellent Pokémon of various types are waiting for their trainer to enter the battle. Who is your favorite? Share your opinion in the comments.

Main image by Ensiplay