In the beloved universe we know, there are more than a thousand diverse creatures available for capture. Among them is a special group of mythical beings that lead secretive lives and are almost never seen in the world. In our article, we’ll discuss all mythical Pokémon in the order of their introduction into the game series.

General Overview

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As of the ninth generation, there are 23 mythical Pokémon. They are considered the rarest creatures. Some of them are unknown to the inhabitants of the game universe, while others are revered as deities. This is not surprising, as, for example, Arceus is said to have created the world of our furry, not-so-furry friends!

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Most of these creatures can be added to your collection: some are available in Pokémon GO, while others require special conditions, and some are currently unavailable. As fighters, they stand out with high overall stats — over 600 — and are unmatched warriors compared to regular characters. Additionally, except for Meltan, they do not evolve. Their gender is unknown, meaning most of them cannot breed.

Thus, these creatures represent an exceptional group, each with remarkable skills, history. Now let's move on to the complete list of mythical Pokémon.

Generation 1


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Resembling a kitten, the creature has the Psychic type and is rumored to contain the genetic code of all Pokémon. Mew is closely linked to Mewtwo, which was created from experiments on this mythical being capable of levitation and using the abilities of any of the 18 known types.

Interesting Fact: Mew was not initially planned for inclusion in the first game in the series, Red and Green. It was added at the last minute by developer Shigeki Morimoto. Because of this, the adorable creature remained unknown to the public for some time.

Generation 2


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This small, fragile creature is actually an ancient guardian of forests and has Psychic and Grass types. Celebi's primary ability — time travel — helps it protect, heal plants.

Previously, Celebi could be encountered in Ilex Forest in Pokémon Crystal, but only for players in Japan who had the GS Ball item. Until 2023, the creature was available in the Virtual Console version of the game, but the service has since shut down, making it impossible to obtain this mythical being anymore.

Generation 3


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The small creature is powerful despite size. Most of the time, Jirachi is asleep, but when it wakes up, it grants human wishes. This was showcased in the movie "Jirachi: Wish Maker", where this magical being was first introduced. Currently, Jirachi can only be obtained in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl versions if the game detects save files from Sword and Shield on the console.


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Deoxys is a being that mutated from a space virus! It has four forms: Normal, Attack, Defense, Speed, each with a unique combination of base stats. Like Jirachi, Deoxys was first introduced in the movie "Destiny Deoxys", playing a crucial role. In the main series games, Pokémon can be obtained in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire after completing the Delta Episode.

Generation 4

The Duo Manaphy and Phione

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They have opposite natures: Manaphy is born in cold waters and can communicate with any other beings, while Phione is born in warm seas and has no unique abilities other than camouflaging in seawater. An interesting fact: these warriors can breed with Ditto, a creature capable of taking the form of any other being or object.


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This eerie being is directly connected to the legendary Pokémon Cresselia. Darkrai can induce nightmares to protect itself, while Cresselia can dispel bad dreams. They dislike each other and have appeared as adversaries in several games. Darkrai often serves as the main antagonist in multiple titles. Now, the character is available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus if the player has save files from Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


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Shaymin has a unique ability to heal the air, plants around it. This shy hedgehog lives far from humans but is rumored to have a sweet tooth. Shaymin has two forms: in the first form, it resembles a hedgehog and is a Grass type; in the second form, it resembles a dog and has Grass + Flying types. 

Shaymin first appeared on the big screen in the movie "Giratina and the Sky Warrior" and was available during various in-game events. Now, this wonderful creature can only be obtained in the eighth-generation game dedicated to the next representative on our list.


ArceusImage: Ensiplay

The scale of the character's influence cannot be compared to any known force — according to legends, Arceus created the Sinnoh region and the entire Pokémon world. Then it created three more legendary heroes: Giratina, Dialga, Palkia. What can be said about power? Being almost a deity, this entity can do anything: take on any of the 18 types, restore destroyed items, fly...

This ancient, powerful creature is available in the game dedicated to the character itself, which we have mentioned several times — Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

5th Generation


VictiniImage: Ensiplay

A Psychic + Fire type creature — pure embodiment of energy, which it can transfer to other beings. According to legends, Victini brings victory, and much of design is related to this. For example, the distinctive "V" shape on the head can reference both the word "Victory" + the Roman numeral "V" (five), representing the current generation.

In Black and White, Pokémon was available through the event item Liberty Pass, but now it is impossible to obtain Victini for your collection.


KeldeoImage: Ensiplay

The rainbow unicorn represents the fourth member of the "Swords of Justice" team and is the only mythical Pokémon among the legendaries in the group. Already powerful, the hero becomes even stronger in the second form, where it gains a drill horn on the head capable of cutting through the hardest metal.

Fortunately, this magical warrior can be obtained in the DLC "The Crown Tundra" for Sword and Shield after capturing the other members of the legendary team.


MeloettaImage: Ensiplay

The design of Pokémon is clearly inspired by music: hair resembles a musical staff, hands look like notes, and hairpin resembles a treble clef. The first form is called "Aria", the second has the elegant French name "Pirouette".

Judging by appearance, the mythical creature seems to be female, but all members of this class are genderless. This graceful being is not a fighter or warrior: in ancient times, it sang songs, danced, and illuminated the world with its beauty.

You can obtain Pokémon in the DLC "The Indigo Disk" in the coastal biome. In a small whirlwind of leaves, the player must spin counterclockwise for about ten seconds, then activate photo mode with a sepia filter. After that, Meloetta can be caught.


GenesectImage: Ensiplay

This creepy insect-mechanoid has Bug + Steel types and was created as a result of Team Plasma's experiments on the fossils of ancient Pokémon. Thanks to the technological weapon on the back, Genesect can take on one of four types and deal corresponding damage: Electric, Fire, Ice, Water.

A team of these characters plays an important role in the movie "Genesect and the Legend Awakened", which tells the full story of this creature. It is no longer possible to obtain Genesect in the original series of games, as the last event where the hero was distributed as a gift was in 2013. However, like other creatures, it is available in Pokémon GO.

6th Generation


DiancieImage: Ensiplay

The next Pokémon has an unexpectedly magical and pleasing design with Rock + Fairy types. Its unique ability lies in creating gemstones, which it uses to protect underground territories. The character also has a mega form, which looks even more impressive.

The hero first appeared in the movie "Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction", which reveals the past of this magical creature.


HoopaImage: Ensiplay

A character with a mischievous smile, likely inspired by genies, as it can transport things from one place to another using precious rings.

The second form, Hoopa Unbound, looks more intimidating, resembles Hindu gods. It is said that Hoopa can summon legendary Pokémon and even move entire islands between dimensions!

The full story of the hero is revealed in the movie "Hoopa and the Clash of Ages". Besides Pokémon GO, this clever and intriguing character is not available in the games.


VolcanionImage: Ensiplay

The next representative of the mythical Pokémon — Volcanion. The hero possesses unmatched physical strength and can break entire mountains apart!

The character has Fire + Water types, and inside the body, there is said to be a mechanism so hot that it can evaporate moisture, allowing the warrior to use the resulting steam in battle.

First appearance was in the movie "Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel", which, like many films, tells the story, fate of Volcanion.

7th Generation


MagearnaImage: Ensiplay

A mechanical doll with Steel + Fairy elements, Magearna also has a range of unique features: it was created artificially over 500 years ago, has two forms, and possesses a mechanical body with a living organ inside called the "Soul-Heart". The latter sounds especially eerie despite the character’s quite attractive design.

The movie about Volcanion also tells the touching and eventful story of Magearna.


MarshadowImage: Ensiplay

A small Pokémon that looks as if it once saw something terrifying, with the trace of that horror still on its face. Few people have encountered this character, as one of the abilities is to move through shadows and mimic the movements and skills of other beings. Accordingly, the stronger the creature casting the shadow, the more powerful Marshadow becomes.


ZeraoraImage: Ensiplay

Zeraora has an exceptionally strange, unusual fate: the hero was born at the moment of a lightning strike on an erupting volcano. Due to this, the character needs to maintain electricity within itself, so it is constantly searching for a resource. Additionally, Pokémon can levitate and move at the speed of lightning!

The Duo Meltan and Melmetal

Meltan and MelmetalImage: Ensiplay

The steel duo consists of very interesting characters. Meltan is a very ancient and curious creature capable of dissolving other metals. In nature, several such beings can combine into one powerful entity — Melmetal.

This formidable creation, made of nuts and liquid metal, can deliver devastating blows to the opponents. Besides, it can transform into a Gigantamax form!

8th Generation


ZarudeImage: Ensiplay

The only mythical representative of the eighth generation possesses unique biology. Resembling a monkey, the hero has vines on its wrists, which it uses to move through trees, jump, deliver powerful strikes. These creatures live in packs, do not accept outsiders, and immediately show aggression as soon as they sense danger.

The film Secrets of the Jungle tells a touching story of one member of this species named Dada Zarude, who raised a human child.

9th Generation


PecharuntImage: Ensiplay

At the time of the release of Scarlet and Violet, no new mythical Pokémon were introduced. However, the addition of The Indigo Disk corrected the situation by introducing players to Pecharunt. This creature has Poison + Ghost types and is directly connected to the legendary "Loyal Three": Munkidori, Okidogi, Fezandipiti, being their leader.

The fighter can be considered evil or harmful to the surroundings, as it produces sweet rice balls that it uses to control other creatures.

Do you have a favorite mythical Pokémon? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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