Amidst the controversy surrounding the $250 edition of Escape from Tarkov, the first-person tactical shooter Gray Zone Warfare was released in early access on Steam and immediately took the number one of top-selling titles. The game was developed by the independent studio Madfinger Games, which previously focused on mobile projects.

Following its release, Gray Zone Warfare's online player count on Steam exceeded 66,000. At the time of writing, the game had 5,500 reviews, with 53% being positive. Based on player comments, the shooter currently faces serious performance issues, causing lag even on modern PCs. The most useful review on Steam states:

At least it doesn't cost 250 dollars

However, it is hard to talk about the game's potential after only one day since its early access launch. Gameplay-wise, the shooter presents an alternative to Escape from Tarkov. Players must go on raids, complete missions, find loot, and try to evacuate it. According to the developers, they have strongly emphasised realism, including the simulation of ballistic laws.

Gray Zone Warfare is set in the fictional Democratic Republic of Lamang, inspired by Laos in Southeast Asia. Players take on the roles of fighters from a private military company. Their objective is to explore the region and uncover the reasons why the island has been quarantined.

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