Battlestate Games has introduced revised bonus distributions for different versions of Escape from Tarkov. The list includes editions like Edge of Darkness, The Unheard Edition, Prepare for Escape, and others.

The EoD edition, which cost $150, will bring unique items and increased limits, karma and charisma. Also, the owners will be able to re-roll two daily tasks and change their icon and color of nickname.

The Unheard edition owners, who paid $250, will have two items that are, however, obtainable via in-game quests. Also, as a part of a compensation, if they upgraded from the EoD edition, they will receive a $50 gift card for Tarkov purchases.

Notably, the owners of lower-price editions will get increased stash, an opportunity to expand PMC pockets and one daily quest reroll.

Escape from Tarkov developers noted that they will remove the ping restriction for PvE mode for all shooter editions. The developers promised to provide more details about all changes later.

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