A collaboration with the Mass Effect series has started in Destiny 2, within which a free cosmetic set has appeared in the MMO shooter. To celebrate this event, the developers released a trailer.

Players can freely obtain the Alliance Requisition Bundle, which includes a new look for ships. For silver, gamers can also gain access to a special strike and an emote styled after Mass Effect.

Destiny 2 has also introduced armor sets for ME characters — Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, and Liara T’Soni. However, these can only be purchased with the game's premium currency.

Destiny 2Image credit: x.com

Last year, Destiny 2 had a collaboration with The Witcher 3, which introduced armor, a skin, a ship, a bike, an emote, and a finishing move animation inspired by "The Witcher" into the shooter.

Currently, Destiny 2 is not going through its best times. The game's online presence on Steam continues to decline. At its peak, the shooter had 43.6 thousand people online simultaneously. However, the developers "know" what to do. They are currently actively working on a new game — the online shooter Marathon.

Main image by ensiplay