The popular mobile app Pokemon GO has been captivating users around the world for years. In the coming days, a new free special research will be released for the game, allowing trainers to hunt for Diancie. The most common way for trainers to find pokemon is to encounter them in the wild, although it's also possible to catch them in raid battles or hatch them from eggs. Some pokemon are only available for a limited time during events and cannot be caught without a rerun. 

This rule applies to Diancie as well, with players first encountering the creature during a fest in 2023. At that time, the exclusive was only available in Osaka, London, and New York.

Pokemon GO DiancieImage: pokemongoapp, instagram.comThe update will be released on May 1st, and unlike other similar quests, the research featuring Diancie can be completed at any convenient time. Players who successfully finish the special research "Glitz and Glam" will have the opportunity to meet Diancie face to face and add the mythical pokemon to their collection.

Additionally, from May 1st to 3rd, trainers will have a chance to obtain Diancie mega energy and encounter Carbink, a Rock/Fairy-type pokemon considered a distant relative of Diancie. To do this, players need to spin photo discs and complete field research tasks.

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