If we speak about the hottest TV series of the last few years, The Boys will come among the top contenders. Homelander became one of the most popular characters, and even current undisputed WWE champion Cody Rhodes incorporated some of the elements into his gimmick of the American Nightmare.

We knew that Homelander would come to Mortal Kombat 1, as it was announced quite some time ago, but now, especially when The Boys season 4 is going to air soon, it is great timing to introduce Homelander to Mortal Kombat 1 with his own character trailer.

In this trailer, we can also see Ferra, who was teased earlier by Ed Boon. The release of the trailer video implies that Homelander, as an in-game character, is almost done, and we will see him in the game very soon. However, it is important to mention that no release date has yet been confirmed. 

We suspect that Homelander will be available closer to the premiere of the first episode of The Boys season 4, which is scheduled on June 13. As of now, we're definitely hyped!

Main image: youtube.com