As a big surprise for the fans, Supergiant Games launched Hades II in Early Access. You can throw your money in the monitor both on Steam and Epic Games Store. Additionally, players can purchase the soundtrack to support the company, as it's also available to listen to on YouTube.

Supergiant Games launched their roguelite without prior announcement. Studio employees showcased a gameplay trailer depicting the main heroine battling enemies.

The events of the roguelite unfold several years after the conclusion of Zagreus's story. We'll get to learn the story of Melinoe, the daughter of Hades and Persephone, who is attempting to save her family from the mad titan, Cronus.

The developers project the full release will happen at least by the end of 2024. In the coming months, the team promised to release the first major patch. Like the original Hades, developers will make changes to the game while listening to the opinions of the community members.

Representatives from Supergiant Games have indicated that the players will experience a larger number of locations, enemies, and fully voiced characters than the initial launch of the first part of the franchise.

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