When we speak about early access to the games, many game developers think of it as a beta test where players even pay money to do the job. This is certainly not the case for Supergiant Games, who announced a closed technical test of Hades II before the early access period started. 

In the announcement it is said that developers are doing this to ensure that early access players gain an experience that is as smooth as possible. Such care for the players is worth praise, but let's dive into more details about it.

The technical test is going through Steam. To sign up for it, visit the game page, look for the "Join Hades II playtest" panel and click on the green "Request access" button. Remember that signing up for the test doesn't automatically grant you access. Supergiant Games will initially invite a tiny group of gamers. 

Interestingly, the Hades II developers are pretty vague about the potential duration of this technical test. Their estimation is "longer than a week, shorter than a month", but even that is not guaranteed. If results of these test are good, the early access period will start sooner than later, but no exact dates have been called yet.

Main image: steampowered.com