The final day of EVO Japan brought us a lot of news. The Tekken Project revealed the new character in Tekken 8. Street Fighter 6 were not silent and prepared the trailer for a truly iconic character, which comes back to the newest instalment of this franchise.

Akuma was not the first character in Season 1 to arrive in Street Fighter 6. However, now we can say the date when the demon will once again bring terror to the fighting stages.

Some people love Akuma, some people hate him, but judging from the video, he gives the same vibe as in previous titles. Players who own either the Ultimate Pass or Year 1 Character Pass will receive the fighter for free. Access will also be granted to owners of the Deluxe and Ultimate editions of Street Fighter 6.

Alongside Akuma's introduction, developers will release a major patch that adjusts the balance of all characters in the roster. The full update changelog will be revealed later. 

As for the newer Fighting Pass, we've yet to learn about the new one that will replace the Monster Hunter anniversary pass.

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