Battle of BC 6 gathered more than a thousand participants of different fighting game tournaments. The main tournaments, of course, were Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee tournament.

While in Melee things went predictably: as the best player in the world, Cody Schwab, added another title to his profile, while completely destroying his opponents, in the Ultimate we had a big upset. Sparg0 is arguably the best Ultimate player in the world right now, and while his rivalry with Sonix is a great entertainment, to see the Mexican fall from someone other is unusual.

The Japanese player Hurt, who has come all across the world to Vancouver, managed to beat Sparg0 and claim the title. Sparg0 is only second.

Finally, the legend of the Street Fighter scene, Daigo Umehara, managed to finish second in the Street Fighter 6 tournament, while losing only to ChrisCCH. The Beast won the upper bracket, but the American player managed to get a reset and earn a first place of the tournament.

Main image: Battleofbc