EVO Japan is a perfect event to present new additions to the club rosters. We've written about some of them like JeonDDing joining Team Vitality or Ninjas in Pyjamas signing three great talents. Now, we can talk about four more players finding their new home.

Team Falcons can already boast an impressive portfolio of fighting games division, but recently, they also signed Saint, the South Korean legend among Tekken players. He won EVO and the King of Iron Fist Tournament in 2016 and was the strongest in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in 2013. Team Falcons also added NL to its roster. NL is a Street Fighter 6 player from South Korea who won Combo Breaker 2022.

North American teams were also active: Cloud9 signed the first representative in Street Fighter, JB, who is considered the region's best Rashid player.

However, in terms of the legacy, the biggest addition goes towards Team Liquid. Like Saint, he is EVO Tekken champion, claiming his title in 2005. But he is also the Tekken World Tour 2017 champion and Tekken World Tour 2018 runner-up. The South Korean was off the radar for the last few years, but seeing him back is great!

Main image: sportskeeda.com