The Finals was a noticeable entrant to the live-service FPS games, but it looks like things are not going quite well. According to the financial report from Nexon, The Finals showed weak performance for the second season, with revenue falling below expectations.

The Korean publisher shared that the second season only attracted some people back to the multiplayer shooter, but that effect was not long. Currently, The Finals developers are trying to find solutions to improve results, as Season 3 is planned to begin in June.

As for the season, which started in mid-March 2024. Despite its introduction of novelties in abilities, a gadget shaped like a gravity grenade, a pixel-style map, and some other things, those were not enough for the players.

Five months ago, the multiplayer shooter had a strong start at its initial release with a peak online player count of 242.6 thousand. However, now this number has decreased to an average of 16-20 thousand players. For a publisher like Nexon, such results are indeed disappointing, but with such market saturacy it is not easy to break through. Right now, the future for the game does not look bright, unfortunately to its fans.

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