Dragon's Dogma 2 players suspect Capcom of creating fake accounts. It all started with a post on Reddit, where a user proved how the company creates artificial players who rent unpopular pawns.

The author explains the mechanics of the Dragon's Dogma series as follows: if a pawn (player character) is not hired by other gamers, then the game creates a "fake" for rent, and the pawn's owner receives in-game currency. To distinguish real people from computers, it is suggested to look at the profile in the pawn's report; if the feature is unavailable, it means it's a "fake player".

Such "players" can do everything that real ones can:

⭐ Rate the pawn, even if the character is only available to friends.

⭐ Give gifts, also independent of privacy settings.

⭐ Complete quests with your pawn.

As a final argument, the author cited a quote from Capcom's user agreement, where, according to him, the theory is confirmed. The rules state that the main pawn can return from a journey, even if it was not hired by other players. In such cases, only the borrower's name will be displayed without access to profile information.

Main image: steamcommunity.com