Dragon's Dogma 2 developers have released a substantial patch that brings a number of significant changes and improvements to the title. One of the notable new features allows players to start a fresh playthrough while retaining their existing progress, enabling them to explore the game world anew without losing their previous accomplishments.

Dragons Dogma 2Image: steamcommunity.comAdditionally, the update includes various other enhancements. Players can now access a certain in-game activity earlier, which provides them the ability to acquire their own living space that can be used for saving progress and character rest. Furthermore, the developers have increased the availability of a specific customization resource, granting players more opportunities to experiment with the appearances of their companion characters.

The patch also addresses a variety of bugs and inaccuracies related to text display and other aspects of the game. Console players on one platform have received additional graphics settings, such as motion blur, ray tracing, and frame rate controls. On the PC version, the quality of a particular rendering technology has been improved, and issues with incorrect character model rendering under certain configurations have been resolved.

Main image: Ensiplay