Players in Dragon's Dogma 2 are throwing pawns off a cliff to prevent the spread of the "Dragon Plague." The disease can manifest after a battle with a dragon or through contact with another infected individual. This mechanic is similar to the "Scourge Invasion" in World of Warcraft. An infected "pawn" transforms into a ghostly dragon and wipes out the city where the character is located. Everyone can be affected, even important NPCs crucial to the storyline.

Dragons Dogma 2Image: steamcommunity.comAlthough the game recently introduced the ability to have more than one save file, users are trying to recognize the symptoms of the "Dragon Plague" in advance. The infected starts coughing and experiencing headaches. The pawn becomes irritable, and their eyes glow red in the dark. The fear of infection has led to numerous unjust punishments. Even companions who talk insolently to players are being eliminated. 

When a pawn transforms into a dragon, a cutscene of the city's destruction is triggered, after which it becomes impossible to influence the events. Some users say that NPCs reappear after a week of in-game time, or they can be resurrected.

Main image: steamcommunity