Overwatch 2's Game Director Aaron Keller announced on social media that starting from Season 10, players will be able to buy golden weapons with points earned in competitive mode. This currency was introduced with the updated ranking system in the shooter's Season 9.

The developer advised players to save their currency until the change is implemented in Overwatch 2. Currently, competitive points can be spent on jade weapons.

Now, instead of waiting for their competitive points to be converted into obsolete ones, players will be able to purchase golden weapons with their current competitive points in Season 10. This change means that players no longer need to stockpile points until the end of the year.

It is likely that this change will also apply to any weapon skins that are added.

Overwatch 2Image credit: overwatch.blizzard.com

As for what the developers have planned for Legacy, competitive points are still up in the air, but at least the change means that players are satisfied.

February 13 marked the start of Overwatch 2's ninth Season, featuring an overhauled competitive mode.

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