Blizzard recently shook the community with important news. In the ninth season of Overwatch 2, the team plans to introduce passive healing for characters with "tank" and "damage" roles. Later, Game Director Aaron Keller explained that this is only part of the global changes from the upcoming season and apologized for the chaotic announcement.

To clarify, currently, gradual self-healing is available exclusively to support characters. All others have to rely on healing from team members or health packs scattered around the arena.

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The fan reaction to the new feature was mixed. Many are concerned that this will reduce the importance of teamwork and healing from support characters. Others received the change optimistically. Users’ opinions only converge in that passive healing will significantly affect the gameplay of the team-based shooter. This is exactly what the developers aim for.

According to Aaron Keller, the developers do not want Overwatch 2 to change only in terms of playable character lists and available locations.

As the heated discussion about passive healing for all characters began, Keller clarified that this is not the only significant change in the ninth season, but just part of a larger set.

Start of the ninth Season — February 20 

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