The "Winter Wonderland" event is already available in Overwatch 2! As a gift for logging in, players immediately receive a cute New Year's badge featuring Tracer. Additionally, a festive mini-pass with various rewards has been launched. Hurry, as the event is available until January 9.

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All about the "Winter Fair" mini-pass

What players can get with the free version of the pass:

  • 40 tickets per week.
  • With 120 tickets, you can buy one of three legendary items for 90: Baptiste, Illari, or Cassidy.
  • You'll have 30 tickets left, which can be spent on Cassidy's match highlight animation (15) or any calling card (15).
  • Badges cost 5 tickets, graffiti — 5 tickets, keychain — 10 tickets.
  • Legendary items for Widowmaker or Reinhardt are not available for users with free access. They cost 160 tickets.

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What players can get with the premium version of the pass:

  • In the premium version of the pass, you can earn 160 tickets per week.
  • With 480 tickets, you can either take 2 legendary items for 160 (Reinhardt and Widowmaker) and 1 skin for 90, leaving you with 70 tickets for small items. Or spend 480 tickets on 1 skin for 160 and 3 for 90.

Even with the premium pass, you cannot get all the event skins, let alone all the items. To buy all the event items, you need to have 695 tickets.

If you're willing to play all three weeks and donate, then this information is for you. In the store, there's a set with a Tracer skin, which gives 575 tickets upon purchase. Buy this and unlock almost all items. To get the rest, you'll need to play 36 matches (every 9 matches will give you 40 tickets).

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