The tenth season of Overwatch 2 brings many changes to the landscape. Of course, the biggest change is that heroes will no longer be locked behind the battle pass. But let's talk about the upcoming balance changes.

Aaron Keller, Overwatch 2 game director, prepared a blog post where he describes future changes. According to Keller, tanks in Season 10 will receive buffs. For example, Reinhardt's ultimate will be more impactful.

However, the main highlight of these changes will be the rework of Wrecking Ball. Hammond will have an improved Grappling Hook, which will give him more mobility. Also, Adaptive Shields will be reactivatable, providing up to 300 overhealth points to his teammates (but not more than 75 per hero). 

On the nerf side of the equation, we have Sombra and Tracer. They seem to be too effective now, so nerfs to Virus' damage and Tracer's accuracy are something we should expect. As for the supports, there seem to be tweaks here and there that should not break down the characters.

Season 10 of Overwatch 2 will go live on April 16.

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