From January 12 to 14, Overwatch 2's Quick Play game mode will be temporarily renamed to Quick Play: Hacked — Quicker Play. Quick Play has remained one of the most popular modes in Overwatch 2, allowing players to experience the core game modes without extra stress and rank loss.

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Over the years, Blizzard has made significant changes to Overwatch 2's Quick Play. Some of these changes have been popular, while others have sparked more controversy. In their latest experiment, Blizzard aims to implement temporary changes to test them. Depending on player feedback, some of these changes may be later implemented in Overwatch 2's Quick Play.

Regarding the changes:

  • Respawn time will be 75% of the original;
  • Payloads will move 60% faster;
  • Objective completion in Hybrid and Control modes will be 40% faster than usual;
  • Point counting progress will be 80% faster;
  • Task completion in Flashpoint will be 20% faster, and point counting progress will be 40% faster;
  • Match times in Escort, Hybrid, and Push are reduced to 70% of the original time, and the same applies to time extensions.

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These changes apply to all players participating in Role Queue and Open Queue Quick Play modes during the event's duration and will revert to normal after January 14. Competitive Play and Arcade modes are not affected by these changes.

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