Less than 24 hours after the start of the new Overwatch 2 season, game fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the cost of paid hero skins. The main criticism was directed at the Ultimate Battle Pass bundle, priced at 40 dollars, which features Diablo-themed skins: Lilith Moira and Inarius Pharah. These skins transform the Overwatch heroes into characters from the Diablo game and add new voice lines.

Overwatch 2Image credit: YouTube

To own one of the new skins, you need to spend as much money as some standalone games cost. Overwatch 2 fans did not appreciate this initiative.

Overwatch 2Image credit: Reddit

Users were also outraged that paid sets are not even included in the premium version of the Battle Pass. The only way to purchase the new skins is to buy the Ultimate edition of the battle pass. In this case, its cost is estimated at 54 dollars.

However, despite the quality of the Lilith skin, many players consider its cost to be overpriced and have expressed their dissatisfaction on various platforms.

Main image: x.com