The innovations appeared with the start of the seventh season. Now, users will not receive a 75-percent experience penalty if they leave a match in "Quick Play" mode. However, such behavior will result in a temporary ban for users.

The penalty stages have not changed, but the developers explained how they work. The last 20 games in which a player participated are recorded. If 4 out of 20 matches are left prematurely, the first penalty stage is activated. If 6 out of 20 matches are left, the second penalty stage is activated.

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When a gamer, who already has a penalty, leaves a match again, access to many modes is temporarily restricted. At the first level of penalty, it’s 10 minutes, and at the second level — 30 minutes.

A restriction will be imposed every time a player with a penalty stage higher than the first leaves a match. If a user finishes the match properly, there will be no penalty.

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The developers commented on the innovations:

We are making changes to complicate matters for players leaving games while at the same time not having too strong an impact on those who do not intend to spoil the experience for others.

Gamers are surprised by Blizzard's decision. They believe that this is too severe a punishment for players who participate in "Quick Play".

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