Epic Games continues to delight LEGO Fortnite fans by releasing the second major update 29.10 "Mechanical Mayhem". The main feature of the update was the addition of various vehicles to the game, which will allow players to move around locations faster and transport cargo.

Developers have provided gamers with the ability to create their own unique cars using various parts such as power nodes, wheels and seats. Players will be able to customize their cars to suit their playstyle, whether it's solo races in high-speed racers or team travels in off-road vehicles. For those who enjoy night drives, there is the ability to install lights, and with a wrench you can connect switches to an unlimited number of engines, opening up room for creativity.

In addition to the transport innovations, the "Mechanical Mayhem" update also improves game structures, making them more durable when moved long distances. In addition, players will find unusual sweets and new LEGO-style gear that will add variety to the gameplay.

LEGO FortniteImage: youtube.comThe LEGO mode in Fortnite, which appeared on December 7, 2023, quickly gained popularity among players and even surpassed the classic battle royale. With the release of the "Mechanical Mayhem" update, LEGO Fortnite fans will have even more opportunities for creativity and exciting adventures in the colorful world of the game.

Main image: Ensiplay