A 1989 prototype of the Nintendo Super Famicom, currently up for auction on Yahoo Japan, is turning heads not only for its rarity but also for its impressive bidding price, which has already reached $32,808. This early version of the console features several differences from the final product, including the power switch color, port placement, and the presence of a headphone jack and volume control – features that were ultimately removed from the released Super Famicom.

1989 Nintendo Super FamicomImage: chrismcovell.comThe prototype's high price is driven by several factors. First and foremost, it is a unique artifact representing a stage in the development of this iconic console, giving it significant historical value. Additionally, such prototypes rarely appear on the open market, further fueling collector interest and driving up the price. The nostalgia factor also plays a role; the Super Famicom evokes fond memories for many gamers who are willing to invest in a piece of their childhood history.

Considering the current bid and the remaining time until the auction closes (May 12th), the final price for this prototype could significantly exceed $32,808. This reflects a growing trend of investment in video game collectibles. Retro games and consoles are becoming increasingly popular, attracting both seasoned collectors and a new generation of gamers eager to own a piece of gaming history.

 Main image: Ensiplay