When Apex Legends was suddenly released five years ago, it instantly became popular. Its fast pace took the battle royale genre by storm. While Fortnite did not have a universal appeal due to its complex mechanics and cartoonish style, and PUBG had technical problems, Respawn Entertainment created a title that claimed its niche and earned lots of money.

Electronic Arts recently published its quarterly revenue report. Thanks to this, it became known that the multiplayer game in the setting of Titanfall, since its release in February 2019, has earned $3.4 billion in net bookings.

Apex Legends rightfully stays as one of the most important games for Electronic Arts. However, recent problems with a bug resetting players' progress and unsolved cheaters' problems led to colossal disappointment among the player base, which resulted in a lower number of players. Despite a recent decline, it remains incredibly popular, with over 300,000 concurrent players on Steam daily. Recently, the game entered its twenty-first season and presented a new legend, Alter.

Main image: youtube.com