The North American finals of ALGS were not played in the usual format. Because of the massive hack when professional players were injected with cheating software, the remaining games were played in an offline mode, and viewers did not get to see the action live. Instead, the games were rebroadcasted on the day after.

As for the results, TSM were dominating. They spent only four games to earn the "match point eligible" status but won the championship only after game 7. Only three more teams reached that status, and all of them achieved it only in game 6.

This win allowed TSM to climb to third place on the regional leaderboard. They are qualified for the global Split 1 playoffs. These matches will be played on May 2-5 in the Galen Center in Los Angeles, USA. The prize pool for Split 1 finals is excellent - one million dollars.

ALGS consists of two splits and the final tournament. Last year, players were competing in the final tournament for the prize pool of two million dollars.

Main image: Apex Legends