Fortnite Creative Mode is one of the foundations of this popular project. When players get bored with the standard modes, they can choose from hundreds of unique user-created maps, the work of other gamers. The game developers created a wonderful tool, but it has started to work against them.

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Unfortunately, the Fortnite community can be harsh. With a huge audience, there are those who want to offend everyone at once. Such individuals create custom maps with offensive messages.

Fortnite continually receives criticism for offensive content, and developers have stated that changes are coming to FNCreative. They intend to introduce detailed reports on user content to quickly track violators.

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Before content goes live in the game, it will undergo thorough moderation, and violators will be banned.

Developers are interested in ensuring that FNCreative 2.0 continues to delight fans with content. This mode has produced truly unique projects, such as a puzzle inside a spaceship or a single-player game in the style of Call of Duty with an open world.

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