Palworld became a phenomenon in the gaming industry in early 2024. The project gained exceptionally high online and sales figures within days, topping the Steam charts. Such success did not go unnoticed by fans of another popular game — Fortnite.

A fan under the nickname Tom Jank created a mini-game based on FNCreative, which in many aspects resembles Palworld. It resulted in a survival shooter with building mechanics and creatures very similar to the Pals from Palworld.

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However, catching creatures and making them work at your base is not possible here. Instead, they attack you in waves, and your task is to survive as long as possible. Jank used Fortnite's dinosaurs as a basis for the creatures and altered their form.

Despite the similarity to the high-profile project, the mini-game is not a clone of Palworld. Jank himself declared this. In his post, the user wrote that he did not intend to copy Palworld and was simply having fun creating his project.

Jank intends to release a trailer of his project in February, while the audience can only observe the progress of the mini-game's creation in the author's posts.

Main image by ensiplay