Breakout in Apex Legends is a new season where players can play new legends for free. Then, players can permanently unlock these legends, but they must complete several tasks to do so. Also, Breakout introduced an updated crafting system: Replicators are now completely free of charge but become a single use for each player.

Apex LegendsImage credit: EA

Of course, many players were eager to play Apex Legends with these changes as soon as possible. And the PS5 literally fulfilled this wish by launching Breakout ahead of schedule. Because of this, PS5 users are now completely excluded from the game.

Since some PS5 players are stuck in the early stage of Breakout, this means they cannot even return to the current season, essentially being locked out of the game for some time. However, there is a workaround, as players need to download the PS4 version of the game.

But if you do not wish to switch to the fourth version of the console, then you will have to wait until the issue with the PS5 resolves automatically.

Main image by ensiplay