The legendary game, which has already been launched on everything imaginable — from lawnmowers and ATMs to watches. We won't even mention PCs and consoles because that's too mundane. This time, Doom was ingeniously launched on sound waves, arguably the noisiest method of all.

A Reddit user by the name of Wojtek-Graj managed to convert the game into an audio signal and transfer the image onto a spectrogram — a device that visualizes sound waves.

Control is transmitted via a microphone. Sound signals, whose frequencies correspond to specific actions, are fed into the microphone, making this Doom "game" quite noisy.

In terms of visuals, this implementation of launching DOOM looks like a series of scrolling frames. This isn't a "hardware" method of launching DOOM, like in the case with the smart lawnmower, nonetheless, such a creative approach impressed many observers.

Of course, after launching Doom on E. coli (where the image "loaded" so slowly that completion would take over 600 years), it's hard to be surprised by much, yet Wojtek-Graj managed to do just that.

Main image by ensiplay