The hype around Palworld has somewhat died down, but the game managed to enchant millions of gamers. The main feature that captivated players were the adorable Pals. Now, fans are trying to transfer Pals into other games, and the legendary Minecraft is no exception.

PalworldImage credit: Reddit

An enthusiast under the username ID3monHunt3rI showcased his work on Reddit. The user recreates creatures from Palworld in Minecraft, which turned out to be a challenging process.

MinecraftImage credit: Reddit

The problem lies in the significant differences between the game engines and graphic styles. The creator has to meticulously transfer 3D creatures into the cubic world's realities. Due to the complexity of the development, only a few characters have been recreated so far: Lamball, Teafant, and Grizzbolt.

MinecraftImage credit: Reddit

The audience immediately noticed this effort and appreciated it. The author received a lot of support from both Minecraft and Palworld fans. They are urging him to continue working on the project. The author himself said that he plans to continue the development but clarified that the process would not be quick. He is doing this in his free time, so it can be considered a hobby.

Main image by ensiplay