The popular sandbox game Minecraft, known for its nearly limitless possibilities for players, has acquired a new addition. Now, players can engage in full-scale battles with the giant kaiju from the Monsterverse universe.

The new DLC allows players to take control of Godzilla, Hydra, or King Kong and embark on a city-destroying spree. These and other features of the add-on can be explored in the release trailer.

The Minecraft Godzilla add-on is presented as a separate world that all DLC purchasers can access. It's designed in the spirit of the famous monster movies and contains several gameplay modes.

Players can, as kaiju, set off to destroy a city or, conversely, defend it from monsters. Moreover, the add-on allows for solo or cooperative exploration of various movie locations, collection of collectible items, and conducting battles between monsters.

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Several game modes have been added:

  • The ability to play a story mode defending the city from destruction by Godzilla (can be played solo or co-op).
  • Monster battle modes are available.
  • Collection of collectible items to fill an in-game virtual museum, allowing players to see some recreated scenes from the movies.

The DLC is now available for Minecraft Bedrock version; it will not be released for Minecraft Java.

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