Mojang, the developer behind the popular sandbox game Minecraft, has unveiled update 1.20.70 for the Bedrock Edition. One of the most significant changes in this update is the two-fold increase in wolves' health, bringing them on par with their counterparts in the Java Edition and making them more resilient companions for players.

Minecraft wolfImage: MojangMoreover, this update introduces an array of experimental features that are set to be integrated into the forthcoming major update, version 1.21. Among these experimental additions are the Bogged, a new type of mob that takes the form of swamp-dwelling skeletons armed with poisoned arrows. Players will also have the opportunity to experiment with the Wind Charge item, a unique projectile similar to those discharged by the Breeze mob. 

This item can be employed to inflict damage upon enemies while simultaneously knocking them back. Another intriguing inclusion is the Vault block, a structure that houses valuable treasures within its confines. To gain access to these riches, players must acquire a specialized key.

In addition to these exciting new features, the development team has addressed a plethora of bugs and optimized the game's overall performance. Frustrating issues such as freezes during the loading process, inaccurate lighting, and the inability to construct blocks above water have been resolved. Furthermore, the audio and visual effects associated with feeding baby mobs have been enhanced, as have the distinctive sounds emitted by phantoms and guardians.

MinecraftImage: youtube.comThe update also encompasses modifications to various blocks within the game. Glitches involving double slabs, berry bushes, candle cakes, and banners have been rectified. Additionally, numerous blocks will now emit realistic sounds when entities collide with them, adding an extra layer of immersion to the Minecraft experience.

Main image: Ensiplay