Minecrafters, it's finally happened — we have new wolf variants, armor for them, and the armadillo animal! The developers have delighted us with the fresh Minecraft's Armored Paws update, released for both Java and Bedrock editions.

Let's start with the warm-up — the armadillo. A shy animal that lives in savannas and arid biomes. If you get too close or loud, it will curl up into a ball. You can't tame it, but with careful handling, it might accidentally drop valuable scutes: new special items for equipping wolves.

Now for the main event — wolves, there are more of them! We've already written about this and attached all the photos, but back then it was just an announcement; now the beasts are officially in the game. 13 years after the game's release, the beloved pets have received progress and an update. In addition to the classic white wolf, eight more variants with unique coloring have been added: forest, black, ashen, chestnut, rusty, spotted, snowy, and striped. Each variant lives in a specific biome, so go out and search for them!

new wolves in MinecraftImage: youtube.comAnother innovation: the ability to dress wolves in armor! The armor will not only protect your pets but also allow you to distinguish them by color. And the found armadillo scutes can be used to craft wolf armor.

Main image: Ensiplay