A team of experienced Minecraft players, united under the name CubedCommunity since 2014, has unveiled its latest large-scale project a unique city constructed from over 1 billion blocks. The project's trailer showcases an impressive level of detail and photorealism, achieved through the combined efforts of the team. A Ferris wheel, a harbor with yachts, skyscrapers, and a lighthouse all appear incredibly lifelike, with some frames difficult to distinguish from actual photographs.

The construction stands out not only for its size but also for its realism. Certain shots from the video are nearly indistinguishable from photographs of real cities. While the exact number of participants in the project remains undisclosed, the creation of this metropolis took only 3 weeks. The developers have promised to share a detailed overview of the city in the near future and provide access to the map. Those wishing to play on the map will need to subscribe to their Discord channel.

The CubedCommunity collective demonstrates the potential of collaborative work within Minecraft and inspires other players to embark on their own ambitious projects.

Main image: Ensiplay