The 1.21 update for Minecraft brings an entirely new weapon to the game — the mace, featuring a unique mechanic. The damage from the mace increases by 5 units for every block of height from which the player jumps before striking. The higher the leap, the more powerful the impact.

To use the mace effectively, players should jump from heights and attack enemies from above before landing. The accumulated damage from the fall will be transferred to the enemy. A successful hit will also knock back nearby mobs. However, be cautious — the mace has limited durability, which can be restored on an anvil using Breeze Rods.

minecraft maceImage: MojangPlayer experiments have shown that there seems to be no limit to the mace's enhancement. One player managed to defeat the Ender Dragon with a single strike by jumping from a great height! This new weapon opens up endless possibilities for combat.

The last significant update to Minecraft's combat system occurred 6 years ago. Since then, players have been awaiting fresh ideas and variety in battles. The mace has emerged as an unexpected yet fascinating addition that could completely transform game combat. This new mechanic opens up room for creativity, allowing players to invent incredible combat tricks and tactics.

Main image: Ensiplay