Minecraft, one of the most popular and creative games globally, is gearing up for a major update that will introduce eight new types of wolves. This announcement has delighted many fans who have long urged Mojang to make wolves more diverse and interesting. After a 13-year wait, sandbox players will receive new wolf variations living in different biomes and possessing unique characteristics, similar to villagers whose appearance changes depending on the biome.

Minecraft wolfImage: reddit.com

🌲 Since Mojang introduced wolves to the Minecraft Java Edition beta in 2011, they have remained virtually unchanged. For comparison, there are 11 types of cats and even more fish skins. Fans took matters into their own hands, creating mods for dogs. But now, Mojang has finally decided to refresh wolves, making them more unique and adapted to their biomes.

MinecraftImage: MojangIn a Mojang blog post, it was announced that the next game update would feature eight new wolf variations. These include wolves in savannas, jungles, deserts. 

The original wolf will continue to live in the taiga but will be renamed to Pale Wolf. 

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, wolves are in beta testing, as well as in the Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot. On the developers' page, you can view the skins and player ratings. The "old" wolf was rated 10/10 for its nostalgic value. The rusty wolf will reside in jungles, also receiving a 10/10 rating. There will also be gray, black, striped, and chestnut variants.

🛡️ In addition to testing wolves, Mojang has offered to test wolf armor, which can be dyed. Finally, players will be able to protect their pets from enemies. The armor will absorb all damage until it breaks. Dog chainmail's durability can be restored using armadillo shells, and there's no need to remove the armor from the wolf for repairs.

Minecraft wolfImage: MojangMain image by Ensiplay