Mojang, the developer of the immensely popular sandbox game Minecraft, has recently unveiled a new subscription service called Marketplace Pass. This subscription grants players access to a curated selection of over 150 items from the Minecraft Marketplace for a monthly fee of just $3.99.

Minecraft MarketplaceImage: MojangThe Minecraft Marketplace is a digital storefront integrated directly into the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, allowing players to purchase and download user-generated content created by approved developers and creators. You can dress up your character in a skin, load new textures into the cubic world, and even purchase a new world with written scenarios and ready-made maps. 

There are also resource packs, for example, you can replace the sounds of chopping wood or change the squeaks of animals and monsters. All of this is handled by modders.

MinecoinsImage: MojangTo purchase content, in-game Minecoins are used, which are bought with real money. A portion of the sales revenue goes to the content developers and creators, which encourages the creation of new and high-quality material for the gaming community.

However, it's important for users to be aware that once content is no longer part of the Marketplace Pass catalog, if they wish to continue using the items in the game, they will need to acquire them individually through the Marketplace. Any downloaded packs will persist in the player's local storage until they are manually deleted, and any items used for character customization will be permanently retained.

Those who have subscribed to the Marketplace Pass will have the ability to acquire and download world templates from the cloud storage for a period of 18 months following their removal, provided they are still obtainable within Minecraft.

Main image: Ensiplay