Remedy Entertainment has scrapped the paid cooperative game, which had a technical title of Kestrel and was previously known as Vanguard. It should have been a paid game, while at the same time, the main feature would have been cooperative gameplay. Tencent, which owns a 15% stake in the Finnish company, was a partner in this endeavour. 

Remedy decided to shift focus to other games—the studio is currently working on Control 2, a cooperative spin-off of Control under the working title Condor, and remakes of two Max Payne games. However, the progress lost was not as big as Kestrel was in the early phases. 

According to Remedy, cancelling this game will help the company strengthen teams working on other games and, importantly, reduce the need to hire new staff. It seems logical, especially considering all the problems that led to big layoffs across the industry during the last two years. Remedy is not a small company, but it spends resources more carefully than many other companies. 

Considering that Remedy did not make big negative headlines, the management of the company might really know something.

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