According to research conducted by the Game Developer Collective from February to March 2024, 39% of game developers have mild worries about the sustainability of service games, while 31% are very concerned about the state of this model.

Among the reasons for concern, over 60% of respondents highlighted declining audience interest and competition from other service games. Additionally, nearly 50% of developers are worried about the rising costs of acquiring new audiences.

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This has also led to more attention to the paid DLC model as more developers consider this option in future projects.

What has happened that the industry is looking into another monetisation model? Analytical firms have noted that amid the popularity of League of Legends, Fortnite, Roblox, and Call of Duty, it is challenging for other games to stand out unless they belong to a well-known franchise.

In 2023, players spent the majority of gaming time on titles six years old or older. That speaks about conservatism that is in human nature: not everyone tends to search for something new, especially if something old is more than enough for them.

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