Todd Howard, the celebrated American game designer, recently gave an extensive interview to the YouTube channel Kinda Funny Games. The mastermind behind legendary games managed to intrigue fans with teasing hints about unannounced Fallout titles. 

Here's a brief excerpt from his conversation with the host:

  • Two Fallout projects are currently in development, with no plans to venture beyond the post-apocalyptic American setting.
  • Howard takes pride in Fallout 76's success and is pleased that the show has brought a new influx of players.
  • Bethesda is considering adding cross-play and cross-save functionality to Fallout 76, but the initial architecture didn't account for such features.
  • Howard has no immediate retirement plans, dismissing such rumors as nonsense.
  • He's currently playing Diablo 4 and the new Forza Motorsport installment.

Another intriguing point: Howard admitted that Bethesda isn't ruling out collaborating with external teams for developing future games based on their intellectual properties (IP). Previously, there were rumors that Microsoft wanted to release a new Fallout game as soon as possible due to the hype surrounding the Fallout series.

Fallout 5Image: Ensiplay, DALL-E 3 According to insider Jez Corden, a new Fallout game will be released before 2030, but approach this skeptically, as there's no confirmation, and plans may change. Even more dubious online discussions revolve around Microsoft's alleged plans to sideline Bethesda or keep them as a backup, handing over the Fallout franchise to a third-party studio.

Main image: Ensiplay, DALL-E 3