An enthusiast known as Quin has transformed the post-apocalyptic shooter Fallout 4 into a survival horror reminiscent of Resident Evil 5. This required installing an impressive number of modifications, affecting nearly every aspect of the game.

The gamer's work has resulted in the world of Fallout has been filled with hordes of zombies, mutated dogs, and other attributes characteristic of the Resident Evil series. The modder meticulously worked on every detail, striving to bring the atmosphere and gameplay as close as possible to Capcom's iconic horror.

The extensive modification affected not only enemies and environments but also the main characters, weapons, and sound effects. Quin aimed to recreate the recognizable style of Resident Evil 5, and judging by the published screenshots and videos, he succeeded. A complete list of changes made to the game can be found in a special document prepared by the modder. Quin continues to work on his ambitious project, regularly adding new elements and improving existing ones.

Although the idea of combining the post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout with the zombie action of Resident Evil may seem controversial, the result looks quite impressive. Quin's project demonstrates the limitless possibilities of modding and the creativity of the Fallout 4 community.

 Main image: Ensiplay