Riding the wave of success from Amazon's Fallout series, the iconic game franchise is experiencing a new surge in popularity. The media project has attracted numerous new fans, rekindled the interest of long-time enthusiasts, and inspired many. One Reddit user, Freyu, decided to delight the fan community with a unique cosplay. The model was their cat. The skilled creator made a miniature version of the famous Brotherhood of Steel power armor, adapted specifically for their pet.

The Brotherhood of Steel is a militaristic, technocratic organization in the Fallout universe, aiming to maintain order and preserve "ancient" technologies.

The resulting look is both amusing and adorable on the cat, and the level of detail is stunning. The author meticulously decorated the armor. Creating an exact replica of the T-60 power armor model from Fallout is an impressive achievement in itself, but adapting the design to feline dimensions is a true masterpiece.

Brotherhood of Steel armor cat Image: EnsiplayThe author's craftsmanship skills were highly praised by the community, and the small red paw-shaped emblem on the chest plate touched the hearts of even the most hardened gamers. The official Xbox account on Reddit also reacted to the post, admitting that the armored cat had won their hearts.

However, as joked in the comments, Freyu's most astonishing feat is managing to keep their pet still long enough to put on the armor and conduct a full-fledged photo shoot.

Main image: Ensiplay