Amazon renewed the Fallout series exactly one week after the release of the first season. Amazon noted that the show is among the top three titles on Prime Video. However, viewership data has not been disclosed.

The company released another poster featuring the main characters but did not share any other details. That includes even the approximate release date for the second season which has not been announced yet.

This show received a really warm welcome with many gamers saying that Fallout is the best video games adaptation in history. At the moment of writing, both critic and user scores on Metacritic is 73. On Rotten Tomatoes, these TV series have 94% on the tomatometer.

The setting of Fallout TV Series takes place 200 years post a nuclear war. In the first eight episodes, viewers learned stories of three survivors: a sheltered "vault dweller" portrayed by Ella Purnell, a formidable member of the Brotherhood of Steel played by Aaron Clifton Moten, and an undead Ghoul embodied by Walton Goggins.

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