Zack Snyder and Jay Oliva, renowned for their contributions to DC superhero scripts, have unveiled their upcoming animated series "Twilight of the Gods" for Netflix. The new project is set to premiere in fall 2024. The series will follow the story of Sigrid, the daughter of giants, whose wedding is tragically interrupted. After this event, the heroine assembles a group and embarks on a journey to seek revenge against a god.

Twilight of the GodsImage: fandom.comThe series will consist of 8 episodes. The lead character, Sigrid, will be voiced by actress and model Sylvia Hoeks (known for "Blade Runner 2049"). The show will feature appearances from Thor, Odin, Loki, Hel, Egil, Ulfr, and other characters from Norse mythology. Snyder and Oliva have warned of a significant amount of violence and sex scenes, promising a strong Norse vibe.

Snyder and Oliva's new project promises to be one of the most highly anticipated animated series of the following year. As experienced creators familiar with working on major franchises, they guarantee a visually stunning and epic spectacle. The promised use of Norse mythology as the foundation appears to be a promising move, considering the recent popularity of this theme.

However, the announced abundance of violence and sex scenes may deter a portion of the potential audience. Snyder will need to strike a balance between artistic integrity and commercial success. Nevertheless, his name on the marquee is a serious endorsement of quality for fans of fantasy and action.

Main image: Ensiplay